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My Clearaudio Champion Level 11 table on a Gingko Audio Cloud 10 isolation platform


C.E.S. 2005   Just a few pictures 

EMAC (Everything Matters Audio Club) meeting in Phoenix AZ 11 2004. 3 days...WHEW!!!!  

My System is featured as system of the month of Oct 2004 by Gingko Audio 

Assembling the Transendent SET OTL Amplifier  


Pictures from C.E.S and T.H.E. Show 2004

C.E.S and T.H.E. Show 2003   

Grounded Grid Preamp Delay Circuit   

Grounded Grid Preamp Kit by Transcendent Sound 

Phono 5 Preamp Kit by Mapletree Audio Design

Octal 6 Preamp Kit by Mapletree Audio Design

Cornelius Morton Phono Stage

Cary 805C Service Manual

My Preamp Project

Motorola Audio Club Meeting 2001

My SG45 Amp Project


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