Motorola Audio Club Meeting

Phoenix Arizona  May 4th - 6th
A group of electrical engineers that work for Motorola in Phoenix formed an audio club geared mainly toward tube audio and DYI. I've learned a lot from these fine people and really enjoy this hobby! A special thanks to Dana and Con for their patience teaching me

These meetings are a lot of fun. We listen to peoples gear and current projects and offer critiques and suggestions.

I loaded up the van with gear and headed to Phoenix, a short 1100 miles away. I took the mighty Cary 805C mono block SET amps that use an 845 output tube. I also took a slew of preamps for evaluation including two Bottle Head Foreplays  , A Mapletree Octal 6 kit, A Cary SLP98 and my recent project preamp I named Katie #1after my wife Katie who helped.

Finally I loaded the McIntosh MC275 stainless steel reissue and C22 Commemorative edition.

Look out Phoenix, Here I come!



Dana Robbins 'Brother Bias'

Cornelius Morton 'Con the Audio Wizard'

Bill Warriner 'Professor Shimmer'

Dave Hanna 'Dr. Bass'

Kurt Winkler 'Kaptain Kurt'

Dave Gauger 'Sultan of Swing' 

Chris Johnson 'Home Boy Theater'

Yours Truly Steve Geiger 'Single Ended Steve'

Love them Tubes!!!


Got Your Ears On??