My Preamp Project

Steve Geiger
Friday, April 27, 2001, at 14:25:45

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Listening Tests. It's Dead Quiet at Idle. No Hum, No Buzz. It Sounds Incredible. The Imaging is Outstanding! The HK Citation II is driving a pair of Accoustat Electrostatic 2+2 speakers. The transparency is awesome! 

Thanks for Looking...Too Bad You're Not Listening!!!

Thanks for the inspiration Con, Danaman, Bill W, Jim M, Kevin D, Troy H, Lloyd P, Doc B, all you folks on R.A.T. as well as all you good people on the Bottlehead Forum and Tube Asylum,  and others who have helped feed my interest in this great hobby!

You're all way cool folks!

For people who love good audio and feel they may have a desire to sling some solder, I highly recommend going to and also check out which is the Mapletree website, home of the Octal 6 preamplifier reviewed in the April 2001 audioXpress magazine. I built one of these and it's a great preamp! It's switchable between a Shunt Related Push Pull circuit, a Cathode-Cathode Follower Cascade circuit or plain passive. Excellent for real time comparison, plus it sounds and looks really good. You can see pics of my build progress there (no I have affiliation with them) 

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