Kawika Ramler Bio


Kawika Ramler of Kawika General Contracting

Kawika Ramler is a local contractor born and raised in Hawaii. He is of Hawaiian ancestry and has been building on the island of Hawaii for over 30 years. The company, Kawika General Contracting is located in Hilo Hawaii. His company is a small one that has completed many interesting projects over the years.

Projects of note are:

The Keahou Bird Conservation Center in Volcano. This is a state of the art facility solely responsible for propagating the endangered Hawaiian birds. The San Diego Zoo manages the facility and construction is unique as it is specialized for raising delicate birds in a remote area.

The company also converted military barracks into hotel rooms on Midway Atoll 1200 miles northwest of Honolulu for a private and government partnership to maintain Midway as a wildlife refuge, the first of its kind.

KCG (Kawika General Contracting) has built numerous residential homes from simple model packages to complex architect designed homes.

KGC has established a solid working relationship with top notch sub contractors and vendors over the years.

KGC is a member of the Better Business Bureau which reflects a reputation they are proud of. They are creative and have worked in challenging and very unusual conditions. KGC is known for taking projects others shy away from.

On the side, Kawika teaches Iyengar Yoga and has studied yoga for over 10 years. He also pursues traditional Hawaiian practices such as fishing, surfing and Kayaking.